Januari 13, 2009


Chose the right positive, comparative, or superlative forms to complete these paragraphs. Number one has been done for you.

Mr. Sukrisno and Mr. Suyanto differ from each other in some ways. Mr. Sukrisno is ...older... (1) and … (2) than Mr. Suyanto. He is … (3) and he gets things done … (4) than Mr. Suyanto does. On the other hand, Mr. Suyanto is less busy than Mr. Sukrisno because he only keeps house and run a small business at home. Mr. Suyanto is much … (5) in music. Mr. Sukrisno has children … (6) as Mr. Suyanto does. Each has two. Mr. Sukrisno’s children are Dhani and Dewi. Dhani is a vocational shool student and Dewi is a Junior High School student. Dhani is probably the … (7) student in his class, but Dewi is not. Dhani’s hobbies are … (8) as Dewi’s but he gets … (9) grades than she does. Mr. Suyanto’s children are Tini and Toni. Tini is … (10) as Dhani but Toni is … (11) than Dewi.

1. (a) old (b) older
2. (a) taller (b) the tallest
3. (a) more diligent (b) the most diligent
4. (a) quickly (b) more quickly
5. (a) interested (b) more interested
6. (a) as many (b) much many
7. (a) good (b) the best
8. (a) similar (b) the Same
9. (a) good (b) better
10. (a) more intelligent (b) as intelligent
11. (a) lazier (b) the laziest

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terima kasih Nurika English Comunity... This is great for adding my grades in school... ,thank you,thank you,thank you,thank you

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you are welcome.. :)