Januari 13, 2009


Must is stronger than have to and indicates urgency or stresses importance.
e.g.: They have to attend the Friday Fresh at 7 sharp.
The leader must be a model.
do not have to = lack of necessity
must not = prohibition
e.g.: She doesn’t have to work overtime if she can finish her work now.
You mustn’t tell anyone what I said.
Complete the sentences with expressions using ‘must, must not, have to, do not have to’.
1. A: Ana has to leave for Jakarta tomorrow.
B: What time exactly __________?
2. A: Why are you in a hurry?
B: I have a meeting in five minutes. I _________ go now.
3. A: We haven’t got much time.
B: We ___________ hurry.
4. A: We’ve got plenty of time.
B: We ___________ hurry.
5. You __________ forget to take your key with you.
6. In order to be a good salesclerk, you __________ be rude to a customer.
7. A person __________ become rich and famous in order to live a successful life.
8. A person __________ get married in order to lead a happy and fulfilling life.
9. A: Did you get up early this morning?
B: No. It’s my day off, so I __________.
10. A: Tomy went to the police station.
B: Why did __________?

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