Februari 18, 2009

Stating Preferences

Offering (Asking for) a choice politely
a) Prefer …
 Which do you prefer, the polyester or the silk?
 Which do you prefer, calling directly or sending a letter? a) Prefer … to….
 I prefer the silk to the polyester.
 I prefer calling directly to sending a letter.
b) Like…
 Which one do you like, a smoking or nonsmoking area?
 Which do you like, jogging or cycling? b) Like…better than ….
 I like a non-smoking area better than a smoking one.
 I like cycling better than jogging.
c) Would rather …
 Would you rather have a fresh coke or an orange juice?
 Would you rather live in a big city or visit it? c) Would rather … than….
 I’d rather have an orange juice than (have) a fresh coke.
 I’d rather visit a big city than live there.

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